Bass River is Green for Earth Day and Every Day!

Yesterday we took photos of some of that ways that my employer, Bass River, Inc, works to be environmentally friendly. I haven’t read the mission statement recently but I’m quite sure that green initiatives must be mentioned because taking care of the earth and treading lightly seems to be a focus. It really is a unique place to work . Enjoy these photos and words shared by the men and women whom I’m privileged to work with. Happy Earth Day! Michele

Bass River Gardens

We do lots of things in a “green” way here at Bass River, Inc.


One of Bass River’s cars is clean and running on electricity. We use plug in power and its fast!


We pack  this lawn seed and send it to customers for the company. It uses less water and no chemicals.


We plant seeds.


We recycle yogurt cups!


We use Energy Star appliances.


We recycle coffee cans and water bottles.


Recycling cans!


We recycle paper.


We put apple peels and banana skins in our compost bin and turn it.


We also make compost using worms.


We collect the sun to make electricity for our building.

Earth Day is a day to keep the world a better place!

Happy Earth Day!

Photos by Tanya, John P and John M.

Text by Nathan, Ellie, Danielle, Tanya, Jason, Laurie, Bill and Barbara

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    1. It is pretty impressive isn’t it? I don’t venture far into other workplaces and I wonder if this is becoming the norm or if it’s unique?


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