Sort of a Stream of Conscious Garden Post

There is so much going on in my head… happy things, sad things, things I just can’t understand and things that are perfect. Often times if I sit down and blog it all settles down and feels better. It’s amazing how cathartic blogging can be. I probably won’t even write about what I’m really wrestling with, but sharing my garden thoughts helps me put something in a place. I guess it gives me some control over at least a little part of it. Stream of conscious can be scary, can’t it? Okay, out to the garden….

Thank you all for your comments that helped us to identify Cindy’s  Purple Shiso (Perilla frutescens nankinensis). I’ve never seen it growing here and it seems that my southern blogging friends were the most familiar with it, although my new friend Kathy at chimed right in too so it might grow around here. One of the very best aspects of gardening is learning new things, so thank you all for your help with that!

Let’s see, what else? I harvested lots of onions over the weekend. IMG_6933

IMG_6935 Their curing and will be cleaned up and stored for the winter. I think we have enough to last until next spring as long as I don’t make huge vats of onion soup.

I also made five quarts of refrigerator pickles with our cucumbers and dill. If you have fresh cucumbers around you should really try these. Their quick and easy and no canning is required!

We spent quite a bit of time weeding and pruning. Michael did lots of edging so our beds look fresh and ready for the second half of the gardening season. I’m hoping to plant some more lettuce and Asian greens after I add fresh compost to the onion beds. The kids were busy playing in the neighborhood and hanging out with friends while we worked. Sometimes it all comes together.

We even did the Ice Bucket Challenge last night, right here in the garden! I tried to share the video, and to post it on The Salem Garden facebook page but something quirky was going on with facebook, google, gmail and wordpress. So, unless I magically figure it out you’ll just have to believe me. Michael and I dumped the ice water right over our heads in the middle of the zucchini and tomatoes! It was great, and of course we’ll make our donation to the ALS association.

I have another non-stop week ahead. We’re preparing for another family vacation, celebrating a twelfth birthday, welcoming a beautiful new baby to our extended family and praying for friends from church who lost their beloved granddaughter to cancer on Saturday. I have to remind myself to breathe. Hopefully I”ll pull more weeds and write another post.

Wishing you peaceful time in your gardens.

Love, Michele



  1. Your harvest looks wonderful and your family vacation sounds even better. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your friends over such a great personal loss. I can see where a bucket of ice and some hard weed pulling could be therapy. Weeds I have plenty but my ice maker stopped working yesterday. Thinking of you. 🙂


  2. As long as I have weeds I’m good! Thanks Judy~


  3. I always work out problems in the garden. Sometimes I water with tears and other times I prune with gusto. Somehow things work out in an hour- sometimes it takes much longer but I’m thankful I have gardening for an outlet. Sending hugs and thoughts your way,
    Your onions look great by the way!


    1. It’s amazing what an hour in the garden can do for us!


  4. Onion soup–now there’s a comfort if I ever heard of one! Enjoy your vacation and upcoming family celebrations.


    1. Thanks Marian… onion soup will be good this winter!


  5. Dawn says:

    It’s always so good to spend time in the garden, Michele! I do some of my best thinking, planning, and remembering while working in my garden, too. Sending hugs and sunny wishes! ♡


    1. Hugs and sunny wishes to you too Dawn!


  6. Hi Michelle, Boy did your post speak to me! This thing called “life” really is challenging, isn’t it? I also find those swirling thoughts in my head – but I found myself avoiding my blog as it seemed so insignificant compared to some of those tough issues going on… I think you are right though, it is nice to escape to the garden and our blogs and find our peace. So glad I read your post today, thank you! Dana


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