Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- July 2014!!

Hello, hello, hello!  We just got back last night from an eight day, multi-state. twenty hour or so car trip to see our families.  I fully intended to blog along the way but my internet access came and went (mostly went) and our stops at each place were relatively short so I took photos with the hope that I’ll share a few of them here in the next few weeks. Anyway, it’s GBBD which is a great way to jump back in to the blogosphere and say hi! Here’s what we came home to last night:

IMG_6618Ditch lily

IMG_6619Lavender, with bees

IMG_6620Black-eyed susan/rudbeckia, just beginning to bloom

IMG_6623Bee balm
IMG_6627I’m not sure about this, it’s almost invasive in a beautiful way


IMG_6631A big dill flower, I couldn’t resist…

IMG_6633Pansies and verbena in the chicken coop window box

IMG_6634The beginning of the liatris

IMG_6635Balloon flower rose campion rose campionobedient plantObedient plant… does a wonderful job of luring cucumber beetles away from the cucs..

Maybe another obedient plant? Maybe another variety of obedient plant? Talk to me….

Bellflowerand the bellflower…

I seem to have lots of tall blooms that would be pretty in a vase…

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I hope your all well and I can’t wait to catch up on all of my favorite blogs!







  1. commonweeder says:

    Did your garden seem like an entirely different place when you returned? That’s what happens to me on the rare occasions when I go away during the summer. I try to make everyone come to me. Your garden looks just beautiful and intact. You must not have deer.


    1. Yes it did, it always does! I had it in perfect shape when I left too, weeded, staked, everything! I try to keep trips down to a week or so at this time of the year because more than that is just too much! We do have a few deer but they stay down in the woods for the most part. I think my Winnie dog is a pretty good deterrent.


  2. Danielle says:

    You have some of my favorite flowers. That tall purple one is beautiful. It looks similar to a Foxglove. I had never heard of balloon flower until this past weekend when I went to the garden center to get one thing… came home with 5 plants. One of them was a blue balloon flower. After I saw the buds I understood where the name came from. Your Tiger Lilies are exactly like the ones my Grandmother had in her garden. I see a lot of people posting the spotted ones but hers were just like yours. Do you happen to know specifically what kind they are? I’d like to get some bulbs for my garden.


    1. HI Danielle! I’m pretty sure that I brought those tiger lilies here from my old victorian house so I think their a pretty old variety. If you send your address to my email at I’d be happy to send you some roots in the fall when it’s time to divide them up.


  3. Betsey says:

    What a corrector I am going to be….LOL your tiger lilies look like day lilies. they grow on a long stem and bloom one day and shrivel? the tall light lavender flower spike is volunteer foxglove(digitalis) When they volunteer they are usually that color. The white obedient plant ( what a misnomer) looks alot like white foxglove( digitalis) I have obedient plant that blooms in late summer in a pale lavender, and is never obedient. It spreads everywhere.
    I have lots of day lilies in many colors that I am willing to split and share. Bring a shovel and pots.

    Dogs are barking…hope its the mason9 my brother-in-law) to build the patio!


    1. so are the tiger lilies are a variety of day lily? Yes, they definitely only last a day. I can see the lavender spike being a kind of digitalis for sure! The obedient plant was tagged obedient plant when I bought it and it looks like they come in a variety of colors. What do you think about the red spiky one?? I’ll be over for day lilies!! and I hope your patio happened today! xoxo


  4. Betsey says:

    You take the most gorgeous photos!! thank you for sharing, I love it!


    1. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting Betsey! Your the best!!


  5. Betsey says:

    The patio is a project that may take 2 weeks or more! Day lilies when you come over! And I’ll try to figure out the tall red spike flower. I did not recognize it immediately.
    Tiger lilies are a form of asian lily while day lilies a something else, i’ll have to look that up too.
    have a great time camping.


    1. I just looked around at types of lilies and tiger lilies specifically and your right, this orange lily that I have appears to be a “ditch lily” (how lovely) that is often mistakenly called a tiger lily, but isn’t. True tiger lilies have dark brown spots and are asiatic, not day lilies. Thanks for the correction. I learn something every day!


  6. Patrick says:

    Well hello to another passionate gardener,

    What a beautiful bevy of blossoms you’re sharing via May Dreams Garden. I could almost hear the bees buzzing around the lavender. Love your obedient plant, as it looks quite regal to me,

    I’d be honored if you visited my blog to see my first GBBD post only five years in the making with a truly unique backstory,




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