Making Pots From Newspaper

Here’s an activity that we worked on at Bass River today. For my adaptive gardening/horticultural therapy friends and followers, I found that as simple as this was to do, it was full of good opportunities to talk about recycling, work on fine motor and social skills and to start thinking about spring. The post just before this one on Bass River Gardens features a seed tape project that we’ve been doing, which has similar benefits. Most importantly, it was all fun! Michele

Bass River Gardens

Here’s another fun activity that we did this week to help us get ready for spring.

We made seedling pots from newspaper!


We used a sheet of newspaper, a soup can and a little bit of tape.


First we folded the newspaper in half lengthwise…


then we rolled it tightly over the soup can.


We folded it in, creating the bottom of the pot and used a piece of tape to hold it together.


Then we slid the can out and we had a pot shape!


We folded in the top edge to give it stability.


And we had created a nice pot, ready for some seed starting soil and seeds. When the seedlings are ready, we’ll be able to plant them right into the ground because newspaper is highly biodegradable and a good source of carbon, and the inks are made with natural earth pigments and soy.


Now we…

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  1. Cute! I have a little pot maker that you can purchase from garden centers or online.


    1. that sounds interesting, I’ll have to keep my eyes open Arthur!


      1. It came from Burpee. It was cheap and uses newspaper to form a little pot.


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