Free At Last!


After spending the last couple of weeks inside their coop our girls have finally decided to venture out to see what’s going on in the world.

It helps that after enduring snow, ice, wind, rain and extreme cold it’s 55 degrees today.

In all our winters of chicken keeping I’ve never seen them just refuse to come out like this. They sat inside for weeks. Here we are watching the skaters last weekend.

IMG_4595Of course things like that nice heater and fresh peppers to eat may play a part in their decision.

Sheba looks like she’s trying to remember what it was like to be outside.


Our little white hen and one of our pretty cochin look a bit shocked too.


Ever the lady, the little red hen stays out of the mud and just goes with the flow.


I think she knows something that I don’t.

I love her eyes. Wish that beak had focused a little bit better, but we’re a work in progress here.

I still think she’s the one who’s in charge (not everyone agrees). If she is, she just made her nine sisters spend three weeks in the house watching the wind blow.


Free at last!IMG_4622

Here’s the reason for the sudden venture outdoors… everything is melting including the pond. Hopefully the warm weather will last just long enough to smooth out the ice so it can re-freeze and put the skaters back in business.

How are  your chickens doing this winter? Are they laying any eggs? I’ve been BUYING free range eggs.

I think we need to do some daylight therapy or something.

Enjoy everything!




  1. Warmer temps here also but the driveway is solid ice and the visibility has to be close to zero. Your girls didn’t want to go out because they had heat. 🙂


    1. yes, I think so too Judy. I can’t blame them! Be careful in the ice, I saw on the news that it was icy up north today.


  2. says:

    I LOVE all your girls. Can you tell me what breed is the beige chicken with black feathers? Pic #2, #4 and #5. I like her coloring.


    1. she’s a buff brahma cochin. Their awesome chickens, good layers, cold hardy… we like them a lot!


  3. Your chickens are so pretty!! My chickens were waiting at the door for me today! I guess they get cabin fever, too. Fortunately, I am still getting 6-9 eggs a day. But my girls are not a year old yet.


    1. Thanks Brenda! I think production slows down when their older like ours are. We’ll fix that in a few months when we add some new chicks to the flock!


  4. lulu says:

    You have chickens! One of my daughters recently moved too a small farm in Tennessee and she’s totally into chickens. I see she has some varieties like yours and they are not doing a lot of laying right now either!


    1. Chickens are awesome Lulu!


  5. nutsfortreasure says:

    EGGS are good but I agree Chickens in a yard rock!


    1. Yes they do Eunice!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:



  6. What lovely ladies they are, and so many different colors! Great pics of them, too. Happy Winter! Dana


    1. Thanks! We do love them!


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