What’s Happening In the Garden-May 31

We’re rolling right along out there! The impending heat today was a great incentive to get things deeply planted and watered yesterday. It finally feels like summer is here in Salem!

The potatoes are coming right along. I’ve been adding soil to these as they grow. This pot is full (I hope) of early red potatoes. I’m a little worried about that Japanese Maple. There are tiny buds but no leaves at all yet. It seems a little late?

These are newly planted (last week) Adirondack Blue potatoes.IMG_1490I’ve been working on pots and containers in preparation for our high school graduation visitors next weekend. Hopefully this will fill in in the next few days.
IMG_1492Tomatoes are in! We went for a large variety this year. I’ll have to do a separate post on that sometime soon.IMG_1493Peppers, cabbage, brussel sprouts and shallots. Please notice the complete lack of perfection here. I just don’t allow myself to get bogged down by that. I would never get anything done.IMG_1495Lettuce, cauliflower and bush beans planted at the end.IMG_1497One lonely zucchini plant can grow into the space currently used by the lettuce. I had such horrible squash bugs last year that I swore “no zucchini”. Of course there is a tiny bit of zucchini.IMG_1499The chicken coop window box is in!
IMG_1500Sweet peas are creeping up beautifully.
IMG_1502And we have iris!!IMG_1504This is a German iris. IMG_1506And of course, siberian.


Maybe there is just a little bit of perfection out there, but not because of me!

Enjoy everything!

Love, Michele



  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    Yesterday I went crazy on my ancient Lilacs it may be years before they fill in but they were so tall I could not dead head. Today I shall scrape a few windows and check on Mommas sitting on eggs and wee ones chirping away maybe I will get luck and get a photo too. I will scrub and fill feeders with sugar water and place fresh water in the Bird Bath oh and put my feet up this gardening is not for the WEAK Stay COOL as you can Rains come strong on Sunday.


  2. Everything is looking good! I love the variegated foliage on the Siberian iris. I know what you mean about squash bugs. I swore I would not plant any kind of squash this year but I swear I think I planted more! Someone told me to sprinkle the foliage with cornmeal or wheat germ and that would help (?) I will probably try it. You never know!


  3. Barbara Parr says:

    I love your Iris Michell, they are a beautiful shade blue/lavender.
    My larkspur are just comming out so summer is here. We have
    had lots of rain so the yard is looks great.


    1. thank you! that is a pretty one, isn’t it? I rooted and potted a little black pussy willow plant for you and sent it down with Matthew the other day. Hope it takes for you. Enjoy your yard, I know it’s beautiful right now!!


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