The Salem Garden is a Year Old? Really? Your Kidding Me!

WordPress sent me a message the other day to tell me that I’ve been blogging for a year. Seriously… one year? They must be kidding!

Lots of great things have happened since I started The Salem Garden and I didn’t really plan on any of them. You know that I turn everything into a list, so here’s what happened:

1.  I found out that blogging is fun, interesting and maybe a little bit addictive.

2. I also learned that blogging takes a lot of time and energy.

3. However, the time commitment decreased as I kept blogging.

4.  But, the time commitment then increased because I loved reading other blogs and learning about the craft.

5. I connected with friends, interesting people and gardeners from all over the world.

6. I also connected with friends, interesting people and gardeners from right here, in fun, new ways.

7. I learned a lot about gardening. This happens when you read gardening blogs, so keep reading!

8. I found my blogging voice.

9.  I got a wonderful paid position as an adaptive gardening specialist (I had never even heard of an adaptive gardening specialist). My first job in seventeen years has given me the gift of vision about what I’d like to do professionally in the future.

10.  My family did well with all of the above, almost all the time.

A year ago I had no idea or expectation about where this would go.  I knew that I had something to say or do but I didn’t know what it was or that it would be life-changing. I had spent many years raising my young children and enjoying every minute so I couldn’t  imagine doing anything else.  Thank you so much for reading, following, encouraging and sharing your thoughts with me.  You have all made the last year into an amazing journey!

I love sharing photos, so here are some of my favorites from the past year. Click on any image to view them as a slide show.

With lots of love and gratitude,

Michele at The Salem Garden



  1. Blaire says:

    Happy One Year Anniversary! I’m honored to have my pictures included in your blog. 🙂


    1. This kind of feels like your one year anniversary too Blaire. You’ve been here with me every step of the way. thank you so much for everything! xoxo


  2. Happy blogging birthday! We are passing through Salem on our yearly historical trip with our granddaughter next week. We’re planning to take the trolley tour so we can hear and see the history of Salem. Stay dry this holiday weekend.


  3. Happy Blogiversary, Michelle! I’ve really enjoyed your blog and your garden pictures. It’s so nice to meet gardeners from all over the country and get a glimpse of their gardens and the cities they live in. Keep up the good work!


  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    I never knew you and I just over the state border from one another shared the same anniversary I too have been here a year this Memorial Day weekend lol we should have thrown a PARTY Congrats!


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