Re-blog– Salem Maritime’s 75th Anniversary Celebration and the Custom House, by Donna Segar at Streetsofsalem

I’m re-blogging this great post by Donna Seger about the 75th anniversary celebration (and the Custom house) that was held at Michael’s work on Sunday. It was a great day. There were quite a few staff alumni in attendance from as far away as northern Maine and Washington DC. We enjoyed seeing old friends and sharing cake and stories about this very special place. Thank you for the wonderful post Donna. The only downside is that I didn’t get to meet you. Maybe next time!


This weekend marked the 75th anniversary of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, the first federal heritage site (as opposed to national park) in the nation. On Sunday, a spectacularly clear and cold day, the staff of Salem Maritime presented a program of commemoration and appreciation which included lovely succinct speeches, cake, and the opportunity to wander around all of the site’s buildings at leisure. As usual, I was short on time (with a stack of midterms waiting at home), so I went straight for the Custom House (after my cake, of course), which I had not been inside for quite a while. In retrospect I wish I had had time for the Derby House as well, as it has recently been restored. But that’s alright, I can easily go back at another time–I live here.

Custom House Cake

Custom House 012

Custom House 014

Salem has been a port of entry since 1649, so there…

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  1. daseger says:

    Thanks MIchele! They did a great job; it was a lovely day. Yes, we must meet–we’re like 2 bloggers passing in the night!


    1. yes we are! We’ll connect at one of these events soon!


    1. they are, and this was a historic day!


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