Here Comes the Garden Plan!

One of my very favorite things about winter is thinking about the garden plan.  Yesterday I spent some time poking around the internet looking at planning websites and found this great service at For a thirty day free trial ($25/year after the thirty days),  you can design your space using lots of cool features.  The site uploads a plant list for your climate, then you can determine your square footage and add all of the beds, structures and plants that you’d like. Whenever your ready you can share it, publish it, view it on your phone and/or print it.  The tutorials that are available helped me to get started and before I knew it I had created this complete map of my kitchen garden.

Here is the link to the vegetable garden planner which I happened upon by simply googling “garden plan.”  Somehow it’s a little tricky to get there from the main Mother Earth News website.  Just a side note about the Mother Earth News web site;  that’s a wonderful resource too! There’s lots of great information about gardening, sustainable living and health. I could spend days just reading and gathering ideas there.   Here’s the link  to the plan above that Mother Earth News publishes on-line. You’ll see the plant list that comes with it just below the plan. I believe that Mother Earth even sends you e-mails telling when to plant things.

As I finish typing I can hear the ducks down in the pond for the first time this year.  Spring really is right around the corner!

If you create a garden plan, let me know, and I’ll share here on The Salem Garden!

Enjoy everything!


***Just so you know, this is not a paid endorsement, I have no connection to Mother Earth News, I just liked it  😉  ***



  1. happyoldbag says:

    That looks a great idea, thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. Your welcome, enjoy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  2. muffybot says:

    Reblogged this on Natures Beauty and commented:
    love it!


  3. Yes! I read the Mother Earth News too (on occasion that is – there’s so much stuff there.) – Beth from ConnectShore


    1. I’m thinking about subscribing so that I can carry it with me. I could read on my phone (while I”m waiting for kids) but I like the print and paper sometimes.


  4. Suzanne says:

    I love Mother Earth News. Hobby Farm is another great resource. I have intentions every year of actually making a garden plan, then things come up and I’m just planting where ever I can. Someday I’ll be more organized.


    1. and your garden is always amazing Suzanne!


  5. What fun! I will have to check that out. I’ve been a “plopper” of plants in my garden. Maybe this would help me get more organized.


    1. I think it could help with organization, if not, it will have been fun to do 😉


  6. How cool is this! I might actually be able to do some planting with something like this to help me along!


  7. Cindy says:

    Bookmarked this and recently found. Have been using it to plan a vegetable garden–our first. It has been very helpful!


    1. that’s wonderful Cindy, I’m glad it’s helping! I’ve used this with the individuals that I work with and they’ve enjoyed it too. It’s nice to have a visual. Do you remember asking me if I could post a plan last year? Your question was my inspiration for finding this service and writing this post and it’s been one of my most read.Thank you!


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