Winnie’s New Doo

Yesterday morning my little girl took this photo of Winnie hiding in the closet before school. Sometimes he just likes to camp out under the coats and surprise me. When I least expect it I reach in there for something and he moves and I scream and he thinks it’s quite funny.


He didn’t actually scare me yesterday but he needed a good wash and some grooming, so just after the above photo was taken I made an appointment and took him up the street for a nice bath and trim. I asked them to cut out around his face so he could see better and not be so messy looking.

Here he is now!


I’m getting some push back around here about his new look. My family thinks he looks like a sheep. Some other words used to describe his new doo were “ridiculous”, “he looks like a poodle”, “I can’t take him seriously” and “he doesn’t look like a real dog.”

I think he looks like a real dog! He’s my baby! And now he’s a cute, soft little puffball.

He’s the only one who keeps me company while I work on these financial aid forms.

When he’s not camping out in the closet.

Stay warm today! Winnie and I are!

Love,  Michele



  1. Blaire says:

    He looks adorable! He also must smell the kids on the clothes in the closet- or hopes they will take him to school?


    1. I think so too Blaire! Maybe it is the scents in the closet, I never thought of that?


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