Which White? and a Cute Christmas Theme Change

WordPress just released this cute Christmas/Holiday theme and I couldn’t resist.  I had also struggled with the formatting of this post for hours and a few clicks to change the theme solved the whole problem. Talk about a win, win for me…and for you too I hope! In other good news, our sunroom/office project has come along nicely lately…

Here it was a few weeks ago


and here it is now


Again, a few weeks ago (actually this photo is dated September 26th, so quite a few weeks ago)…
and now  🙂
  I’m planning to paint it white to pull it together and tone down the effects of the crazy angles and window sizes.
So, which white should I choose?

Navaho white, seems to have some yellow in it..

Antique White, definitely a green undertone…

Off-white, a pink undertone

Linen White, a pink undertone, I like this one a lot, it reminds me of our first apartment on Derby Street, I had the whole place painted this color, except for the bathroom, which was supposed to be green with white trim, but the NPS decided to paint the trim olive. Eventually I talked them into fixing that, but it took a few years…

Cottage White, this may work, I see some pink here too.



  1. Blaire says:

    I LOVE that room! It looks so big now! I like the linen a lot. I have used Decorator White, and Atrium White by Benjamin Moore one on the wall, one for trim- it kind of pulls other whites together. Maybe if you use two that you like with similar tones? So exciting!


    1. I think I’m going to use Behr White Fur now Blaire.. I found it in the store after I did this post or I would have included it. It’s a bright white with a slightly pink undertone. I think it will work. I like the idea of doing two shades of white, but, we need to finish this asap so we can get the office moved up there and the playroom made into a guest room by Thursday! I don’t know if I have the ability to figure it out today if I start getting more creative, lol.


  2. Susan Webber says:

    With ‘white’ walls and white trim, what color is the floor/rug and window treatments going to be? I love a room with lots of natural light, but you’ll need a touch of color somewhere, in my opinion. From the earlier selection I’d agree with Linen White.


    1. HI Susan! I think the floor is going to be a light shade of cork and the window treatments are going to be simple white shades… I know, I’ve thought a lot about color in the window treatments but it’s a very small space and the windows are all at different heights. I think I’ll try to do a quick post to share my inspiration photo with you…I will definitely use some color in the decorations and maybe even in the light fixture..


  3. Celeste says:

    I think the Linen White with pink undertones is perfect. I has a warm and clean feel to it. Good luck making your choice they are all really nice.


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