The Day After Sandy, the Day Before Halloween..

Today feels like such a weird day. The storm has mostly moved west of here so we are in cleanup mode in Salem. That’s good, because tomorrow is Halloween, our most celebrated day of the year. We made it through the storm in good shape. There were power outages, although not to us, our lights just flickered a few times. Lots of trees and branches came down and people lost siding, boats and things that weren’t secured well. Overall there is a strong sense of relief. I can’t feel it yet myself. I keep looking at photos of the devastation in the mid-Atlantic states and feeling a huge sense of loss. That’s where I grew up and where most of our family and so many friends still live.  The damage is overwhelming and the story is just starting to be told. It leaves me feeling uneasy, unsettled and not able to celebrate anything other than our good fortune this time.

Here are some photos that Michael took at work yesterday. He posted the last one on facebook last night with the caption “a bird’s eye view of Sandy”… That made me smile for a minute  😉



  1. PJ Girl says:

    I’m pleased to hear that you’re safe – the news reports are awful and this will be remembered for a long time x


    1. Thank you PJ, we are fine. It’s hard to believe that it happened like this, I don’t think we’ll ever forget it.


  2. Cindy M says:

    I am in NJ with my mom. We have not had power since last Monday night–a week so far. 83% of twp lost power the first day. 53% still without power as of yesterday. Tree down across road and power lines down. Road blocked; can only go to the right from the house. Public library (where I am now) has never been so busy with everyone coming to connect to wifi. All are well. We are thankful that we still have a home, a generator, and a camp stove. Gas lines are now the topic of discussion for most.


    1. HI Cindy, I’ve been wondering about all of you, thank you so much for checking in. Please give your mom and yourself a big hug from us. I hope that things are better very soon. Please keep me posted when you can… Love, Michele


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