Just One

I’m on the move this week! We’re hosting a student from Ota City, Japan, so we have lots of fun family activities planned and I have a new child to take care of. My Mom and nieces are visiting my brother and sister-in-law in New Hampshire so we had lunch with them yesterday and we’ll meet them at a nearby amusement park tomorrow (with the Salem Ota students). One of my children is going to sleep-a-way camp in NH on Sunday. My little guy is going to sailing camp next week and my oldest son’s golf team tournament is on Monday. There is so much to do and so much to prepare for! This is a busier than usual week but not too far off the mark from what we consider to be “normal”.  Life with five kids means lots of action and commitments.

People often ask me how I can take on projects like gardening or blogging. I think that one of the keys for me is to learn just one thing a day about something that I’m interested in.  I find one new idea or skill to add to my knowledge base each day and before I know it I feel pretty confident about what I’m doing. I could never accomplish anything if I had to learn about a topic all at once, my brain just doesn’t work that way (there really isn’t room)! So, I break things down. I also do this with household tasks or in the garden. I’ve learned about parenting, gardening, blogging, health care concerns, how to use a computer, cooking… I could go on and on. It really helps me to try to embrace  little accomplishments and bits of knowledge and store them away.

Consider reading just one page a day of the instruction manual for your camera or learning just one new cooking technique or one word of  a foreign language. You might be surprised at how quickly  your  “just one thing” turns into something that you really enjoy and feel great about.

You can do anything!




  1. Maria says:

    Michele, if I read 1 page a day in the manual of my very-expensive-haven’t-used-it-yet-camera that I received for my Birthday last year, maybe I’d be using it now!! Great advice! x Maria


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Maria! The photos your posting now are wonderful with your current camera, but, if you try to do this it really will work!


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