What’s Eating the Petunias?

Hmmm…IMG_7042Do you see chewed up flowers on your petunias?

IMG_7043 They look like this..

IMG_7044And in worse case scenarios, like this… Yikes!

IMG_7041 Here’s the culprit… the green hornworm.

They can be very tiny and they’ll try to blend in with the stems and leaves. You have to look carefully to see them but their there, munching away.

Just pick them off and give them a little smoosh and your petunias will start to come back. There’s usually just one or two per plant.

IMG_7046This pot of lemon ice petunias has been beautiful this year. I’ve been watching closely for the “petunia worms” as I call them. I think I caught them in time. I’ll keep you posted.

Don’t be shy, pick them off and smoosh! You can do it! It’s simple!

I’ll be on the road this week but checking in from our family vacation on Cape Cod :)!

Enjoy everything!




Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- June 2014

Happy Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day! Here’s a quick peek at a few things that are blooming around here.IMG_6015









IMG_6032Happy Father’s Day Mr Mallard!

IMG_6040And Happy Father’s Day to our great Dad too!

Check out blooms all over the world on May Dreams Gardens by clicking right here!

Heading off for a hike with Dad, and maybe some lobster for lunch!