It’s a Yard Party!

To keep them safe, the chicks had spent most of their time in the chicken tractor until the other day. Michael let them out in the yard for a few hours and they had a blast!

IMG_5434 The first order of business was figuring out how to get out and how to get back in

IMG_5436which is not an easy thing…

IMG_5440 Really sisters, come join us!

IMG_5444 Or maybe we need to go home..

IMG_5445 But how?

IMG_5473No worries, we’ll come your way

IMG_5454Iris to eat, how tasty!

IMG_5478 Or just good old bugs in the grass.

IMG_5487I think I’ll learn to fly in all of this open space…

IMG_5491Mr Mallard stopped by for dinner.

IMG_5497 He’s beautiful and he knows it!

Mrs Mallard flies into the scene... Mrs Mallard flew in as well.

Dear, Dear... please use caution around the young onesMr Mallard said “Be careful around those young one’s dear!”
I'm not afraid of these young whipper snappers!She’s loves him but she’s very independent. I think I heard her say “I can more than hold my own with these young whippersnappers!”

IMG_5504The chickens didn’t seem to worry too much about the ducks visiting. Maybe that’s because Mr and Mrs Mallard often say hi as they walk past the tractor.

IMG_5506 Time for dinner…

IMG_5508Β He always stands guard when she eats. It’s really cute!

IMG_5510Time to go home, this yard is a little too crazy for us tonight!

IMG_5516No worries, the chicks will keep things hopping…

IMG_5517Hey sisters, I think there’s something good over here..

IMG_5518On second thought, let’s head over the fence and look for some lettuce seedlings. I hear their really tasty!

Or not, depends on your palate πŸ™‚

The party went on until they went home at dusk.

Those young chickens love to party!

I was ready for bed at nine πŸ˜‰






  1. Michele says:

    Adorable! I know this post took a lot of time just because of the photos. Your captions are so cute. Thanks for making me smile.


    1. I’m glad it made you smile Michele! hope all is well with you~


  2. I love watching chickens. It’s cheap therapy. Very relaxing. Much better than fish.


    1. LOL, definitely better than fish, but fish can be fun if your trying to really relax πŸ˜‰


  3. Sally says:

    Love your little ladies! They’re organic bug killers! The ducks crack me up….they look like they have a little smile all the time. Thanks for sharing.


    1. HI Sally! I love the ducks too. We’re so lucky because they come back every year and act like our pets but we don’t officially “own” them. They are awesome! Thanks for commenting!


  4. This was so lovely to see and read! How very fun!!! The girls are beautiful, too. πŸ™‚


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