Things That Work For Me-The Flylady

I haven’t done a “Things That Work For Me” Post in a while, but I woke up (at 4am, but that’s another post) thinking about the Flylady and my need to start following her again. Have you heard of her? The “Flylady” at is a woman named Marla Cilley and she’s quite amazing. She and her website have helped me through many a rough day, week, month and year. Basically if your subscribe to her free service she sends you e-mails, lots of e-mails. As you read them and follow the plan that she’s laid out, your home and your personal life will get into order a little bit at a time. It starts with the most simple basics like shining your sink and putting on your shoes.   As you adapt the routine that she gives you to your needs and lifestyle you’ll find that your space will slowly start to become de-cluttered and cleaner. Then you’ll be able to find things when you need them, and before you know it your laundry will be caught up and  your family will be eating healthy, nutritious food. You might even end up following a calendar. The very end result is that you’ll have much more time to do the things you love (like get out to the garden!) and you and the people who live with you will be transformed into healthier and happier creatures. Fly stands for “finally loving yourself.” You may think that you love yourself but how you take care of yourself and your environment says a lot about where you truly are. Truth be told I’ve been kind of “off the wagon” lately. The challenge of working, raising a large family and being involved in the community activities that I enjoy has taken a toll on me. The good thing is, the Flylady is always there. I can start reading the e-mails, feeling the love and encouragement and getting back on track whenever I’m ready. She is really the secret to our success as a family. Starting today I’m going back to reading and implementing the basics so that we can all breathe a little bit easier.  If you feel the need to get organized, live in a happy, clean home and love yourself and your space, go check out the website, then let me know how it goes. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, next to the Flylady herself!

Project 365: August 5 2007 - tangible FLYLady
Project 365: August 5 2007 – tangible FLYLady (Photo credit: Quack the Wooley Duck)

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