Look Who Came to Visit

IMG_5873-001 Isn’t this the cutest, sweetest little thing? My oldest son’s friend found it hopping around in a public park. It’s snuggly and sweet and very domesticated so she and her Mom brought it here to our empty bunny hutch. It has food and water, and some hay will be coming later today.

Is anyone in Salem looking for a little gray bunny? If not, can we keep it? can we keep it Dad?

We’ll see…

Bunny compost is awesome!

Happy Sunday!




  1. Oh…he is so cute. YES, if no one claims him you can keep him. Maybe we can establish a support group for those of us who love those handsome guys who live in houses and not our gardens. 🙂


  2. I think we need a support group for people who can’t say no to stray animals Judy!


  3. L'Essenziale says:

    Soooo cuute! thank you for sharing – it lifted up my mood 🙂


  4. Sally says:

    Bunnys are so sweet….especially the babies…..they give toothaches! Bunny poop,,,,,a plus for why to keep it……When I was a kid, my dad let us buy 3 “male” bunnies….before we knew it we had babies all over the place. We separated the sexes and some clown (we always thought it was my dads brother who lived next door) put them back together……more babies…..at that point dad was done and we no longer had bunnies…


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