Is It Just Me?

I know, I know, this is silly, but, when I take apart the planters it’s hard for me to throw the old plants into the compost. I’ll miss them. They were beautiful and I feel a sense of loss. I can throw anything away in the house with no problem, but plants are different. I tend to hang on for a long, long time. So the other day I took everything out of the big front porch planter and went down to the compost bin. In went the spike plant, the verbena and the stock…. then I got to the geraniums. I threw one in and took it out. Then I looked at the four plants in my hand and I knew what I had to do. So, up they went to the kitchen counter. Michael came home and they were still there. Of course he said something like “oh, please, no, not again… you know that these are going to hang out all winter and your never going to do anything with them. In the spring you’ll be buying more”…   Well, he’s probably right. I do that.  I have great thoughts about wintering things over  and re-using them.  But maybe this is the one time it will work. Maybe these geraniums will come back as beautiful as ever. So for now I’ve tucked them away in a dark, cool corner of the basement. Just hanging out, waiting for spring.


Maybe they’ll be back, we’ll see!



  1. Blaire says:

    I root the flowers in water and regrow them inside in the winter-replant in the spring- QUICK- go put part in a glass! (Mums work too.)


    1. Okay, I’m on it Blaire! I wish I had a good, sunny place to keep them, maybe when the office is done??


  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    I take mine into my Southern Exposure bedroom and they bloom up there I feed, pinch and after freeze they hang out in backyard with me over and over 🙂 I hate throwing away LIVING THINGS


    1. I think that next year my office window might be full of geraniums Eunice!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:


        Scented ones too



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