Winter Garden Coop Jam


It’s winter, that’s it…


There’s a rosemary plant hiding under the barrel, rock and large clump of dirt, lol. It will be a miracle if this plant makes it through this extremely unbelievably cold, long winter. That sprig of thyme will though…


A single egg


but fear not! There’s a traffic jam at the nesting box. More are on the way!

I turned around and here she was, patiently waiting her turn. This chicken reminds me of my oldest daughter, she’d be doing the same thing.


It does my heart good to see them waiting at the door again.

IMG_4706See you later sweetie pie.

Enjoy everything!



  1. What kind of chicken is that at the nesting box jam — light tan with dark head/neck feathers. Such pretty colors!


    1. Their probably more comfortable than lots of humans, lol… I know, I love my rosemary. This is a stretch but we have to try. I have another plant in the house if that one doesn’t make it. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!


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