Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- September 2013

It’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day! I was away in August so I missed it and it feels great to be getting back on track.  As I wandered through the garden this morning I was struck by how much work I could do to introduce late summer plants. I think that I need to spend a good amount of time today reading the other Bloom Day posts for ideas! Here’s what I found today:

Lavender making a small comebackThe lavender is making a small comeback.

IMG_3124The mint is blooming…

IMG_3128as are volunteer morning glories and dill.
IMG_3132Of course I have a few zinnias..IMG_3134

IMG_3140 I always stick a weed in here somewhere. Some of them are just so pretty that I can’t help it.



IMG_3147Black-eyed susan hanging in there. They have suffered in the drought.

IMG_3152Juniper… does this count? It’s so pretty, I can’t help but include it.

IMG_3154Knock-out roses that we added recently. Everyone talks about how easy these are to grow and I absolutely agree. If your a timid rose grower this is a nice way to get started.
IMG_3156And of course chrysanthemum.

It wouldn’t be September without chrysanthemum.

Can’t wait to read the other garden blogs! Be sure to check them out at May Dreams Gardens.

Enjoy Everything!



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