Our Retirement Home

I know, it’s a little crazy, but there’s something about this building that draws me in. I’ve watched it for years.  Michael and I actually lived at the other end of the court when we were first married.  It’s a garage, with space overhead, but for just two people, couldn’t it be adorable?

Here it is with an antique edit…

Michael likes it too, I think that’s because of the garage…

He’s a garage person  🙂

I’m a garden and kitchen person.  There’s some great garden potential here.

The kitchen might need a little work~

Enjoy Everything!



  1. Michele you made me laugh when you said Michael liked it because of the garage. If it was up to Brian we would have a huge, functional garage with a one bedroom shack! LOL On the road today we passed a place that at a distance I thought was a beautiful house with a wrap around porch. As we got closer I realized it was stables! I said, “If the stables are that nice can you imagine what the house looks like?” That put us on the conversation about our “dream houses”. Brian would want the garage with a couple bays. I would want a huge, functional kitchen with a huge, functional craft room off the side! The rest…meh… LOL


      1. 🙂

        Your City’s party will be here soon! We may actually go down the day of Halloween and walk the city with our famous Border Collie 🙂


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